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Insect and Rodent Pest Services

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Here at Phunuz Pest Control, we can deal with any of the following pests that could plague your property.


One of the most threatening pests out there, fleas can infest your pets and your home, transmitting diseases and harming your health. The main hazard of fleas is that they are carriers of several diseases, such as Murine Typhus, several parasitic bacteria, and parasites like tapeworms. Although annoying, signs of their infestation are not quite obvious for first timers, be aware of common signs like rashes and allergic skin reactions.

Bed Bugs

While some pests are quickly identified some are almost imperceptible if you ever notice red spots on your skin after sleeping you might have bedbugs! Dealing with bedbugs is no easy task: they are immune to household pesticides and require special treatment to eliminate them. Our exterminators, are experienced in dealing with bedbugs and will apply the best techniques to get rid of them effectively.


Houses and business are our biggest investments, but termites don’t care about that! They are responsible for causing severe structural damage to your properties that lead to costly repairs. Our local technicians will provide assistance and inspect your property for any sign of termites, getting rid of them and preventing any further structural damage they can cause.


There are over a dozen different types of ants that can infest your home or business, they can build their nest outdoors or inside your building. Although commonly seen as harmless, severe ant infestations are fairly annoying and they can contaminate your food with harmful bacteria. A lot of people attempts to get rid of ants using household recipes and store-bought insecticides, but this is only a temporary solution. Our local exterminators have the experience required to get rid of ants for good.

o And many other pests!
o Spiders
o Rodents
o Flies
o Ticks
o Stink Bugs

Consult with us about any pest you’re dealing and we will quickly inspect and control them.

Residential Pest Control

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If you’re looking to keep your family safe from pests and protect your house, we can provide the service you need. Pests are not only annoying - they create an unhealthy environment that harms our daily lives. Cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, fleas, and other pests can lead to health problems, allergies, food contamination, and damage to your home and furnishings. Our local exterminators will inspect your home for current and possible threats, delivering a tailored solution to your needs, using highly effective treatments to protect your home and family. Every season your house will be exposed to different type of threats that require different treatments, we provide quarterly and yearly inspections to make sure you’re protected from pests at all times. With Phunuz Pest Control you can rest assured in your home that no pest will harm you.

Commerical Pest Services

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If there’s something that can completely ruin your business reputation is pests. One sight of a rodent in your restaurant, cockroaches or bedbugs in your hotel or fleas at your veterinary workplace can make customers flee. We know how horrifying this can be and with our services you can prevent pest infestations before they harm your reputation. Our local exterminators will carefully inspect your facilities to provide insight on possible threats. Once we have identified any potential problems, we will create an action plan to deal with any issues. If you want your business protected from any kind of pest we offer several plans and services to suit your particular needs, whether it’s a one-time solution or constant control.