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We deliver affordable and efficient pest control services for Allen Park, MI residents, quickly getting rid of unwanted visitors plaguing your home or business. We know how awful it is being visited by pests - no one wants to deal with these critters! Some of them can harm your property and cause disease to your pets and loved ones. With Phunuz Pest Control you can deal with these situations efficiently, cleaning your Michigan property of any potential harm and protecting your family or business.

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 Allen Park exterminator Pest problems are not a trifling matter – everyone wants them solved for good, not as a constant issue that must be routinely dealt with. We offer only the best available exterminators in Allen Park, MI, who will inspect your property, identify the problem and apply the best method for each circumstance, using current technology and products that will completely get rid of the pests while protecting the environment and your family. Our main objective is to deal with these issues swiftly because your safety is our biggest concern - with our Allen Park Pest Control Service you can rest assured knowing your house is protected. Whether it’s a one-time problem or a concurrent issue, our service doesn’t stop until the pests are completely gone from your property - we offer and recommend quarterly and yearly inspections to your property to guarantee that the pests are gone for good. We handle offers a broad range of Pest Control Services in Allen Park, Michigan: we deal with bed bugs, termites, ants, mosquitos, rats for both residential and commercial properties.

Bed Bug Pest Control In Allen Park, MI

Allen Park, MI bed bug pest control

Adult bed bugs are extremely small, up to 5 millimeters long, almost unnoticeable to the human eye, their common habitat is warm beds and typically hide within mattresses, sheets and the folds and seams of the headboard and the bed box.

If you ever notice some of these signs, you could be facing a bed bug infestation:
• Irritated skin and rashes.
• Small blood smears on your sheets.
• Small brown spots on your bed and sheets.
• Bug skin shedding.

One important fact about bed bugs is that their bites don’t show up immediately, they can take up to five days to start causing itchiness and irritation of the skin, so if you’ve noticed the symptoms it could mean you have had bed bugs for more than a week.

Dealing with bedbugs is no easy task: they are can quickly grow immune to household pesticides and may require special treatment to eliminate them. Our Allen Park, MI exterminators, are experienced in dealing with bed bugs in Allen Park, MI and will apply the best techniques to get rid of them effectively.

Need Termite Control In Allen Park, MI?

termite damage in Allen Park, MI

Your Allen Park home or business is one of your biggest investments, but termites don’t care about this! In Michigan, termites cause over a billion dollars of estimated damage each year, don’t let your property fall victim to this numbers - protect your Allen Park house and business from termites now.

Sadly, when you notice termite infestations it might already be too late – termites work from within, hollowing your structures and debilitating them, going undetected for years. There are few signs of termites’ infestations but the most reliable is softwood that sounds hollow when tapped and visibly termites swarming around wood.

Our Allen Park, MI termite technicians can inspect your property for any signs of termites, quickly getting rid of them and prevent any further infestations.

Getting Rid Of Fleas In Allen Park, Michigan

One of the most threatening and annoying pests in Jacksonville,FL, fleas can infest your pets and your home, transmitting diseases and harming your health. The main hazard of fleas is that they are carriers of several diseases, such as Murine Typhus, several parasitic bacteria, and parasites like tapeworms.

However, they are not limited to Jacksonville homeowners with pets, fleas can latch themselves to other wild animals and even fabrics, and once in your property, they will proliferate quickly.

With our Jacksonville, FL Fleas Pest Control services, you can feel safe that your pets and home will be free of fleas.

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